Planning Your Childs Education

All parents know that it is a well-known fact that educating children is very expensive. Should you choose to send your children to boarding school costs could vary from $25000-$50000 per year Day school could cost approximately half of that.Here am a few simple steps to help your financial planning of your children’s education.One. Make an accurate estimates of the educational costs. First on the list would be tuition fees, and you must try to anticipate the rise in fees over the next several years until the child finally graduates. Equipment such as books and supplies also form a main part of education expenses include such things as pens, paper, photocopying and other expenses that should be included. Don’t forget to Include school uniforms, school outings, school camps, recreational activities and any extra tuition fees.Two. Parents must identify available sources for funding for child’s education. Look into the possibility of where funds can be arranged. Is there any financial aid which is available from the beginning of your child’s educational career? Often assistance can depend upon the total amount of the school fees and also how much the school really wants that particular child to enrol and whether the school gives scholarships. A great idea is always make a short list of schools and see what every schools can offer to your particular child. There are also many local groups and religious groups that provide scholarships.Three. Payment options. Parents must look into possible payment options that are made available by the institution or school being considered.Four. Parents are always advised to start saving for their child’s education as early as possible. Young couples starting off in life should consider beginning a savings bank account to cater for future child’s educational needs.Five. Parents could consider developing an investment strategy. This is advisable so that you are better able to afford your child’s education. Savings alone may not be enough, whereas savings wisely invested may go to cover the full cost of your child’s education.In today’s economy, many parents struggle from payday to the next payday to make ends meet. Having large educational bills doesn’t help to balance the budget. Therefore it is most important that parents look into every possible form of assistance and strategize to be able to offer the educational needs of the child.

Seven Ways to Become More Involved in Your Child’s School Life Despite Being a Busy Single Parent

Being busy is no excuse for not being involved in your child’s school life. It might just require a need to become more organized, to organize your child life better, and to set the right priorities. But, once you instill the value of education in your child, he will require less monitoring and less effort on your part.Here are the seven ways to become more involved in your child’s school life and instill the value of education:1. Keep in touch with your child’s teacher and other school personnel Give your child’s teacher and principal both your cell phone number and your landline number. Let them know that you value your child’s education and that you will be playing an active role in it.2. Tell the teacher that you want to know when your child is behaving well as well as when his behavior is troublesome. Let your child’s teacher know that you are interested in knowing when he is behaving as expected and applying himself as well as when his behavior is posing a problem. Keep in mind that both you and his teacher will get more of the behavior that is recognized and given attention to.3. Designate a certain time each day for your child to engage in educational activities regardless of whether or not he has homework. Set aside at least an hour each day during the week for educational activities. Let the child know that this is the time to engage in educational activities (including computer games) whether or not he has been assigned homework. Make sure he understands this is a fun time for learning and that homework is not to be viewed as drudgery or punishment.4. Expand on your child’s learning experience by taking the child to the library or other outside institutions or events. Look for opportunities to expand on your child learning outside of school. If your child is having a unit on geography, a great way to expand on this subject would be to take him to the natural history museum. Here he would have an opportunity to look at the countries or part of the world that he is learning about in class from a different perspective.5. Find TV programs that extend your child’s learning which you can watch together. At the beginning of the week, look at the TV guide and identify some TV programs that you and your child will watch together. Let this be a program on the history channel, geography channel, or even a movie, but have a conversation about it later.6. Talk to your child about the subjects you enjoyed best and found easy to grasp and those which you didn’t like and had the most difficulty with. Don’t hesitate to bring yourself into your child’s learning experience. Let the child know what subjects you enjoyed best in school — what gave you joy in learning and both what was easy as well as what was difficult. Let him know that it’s OK to experience difficulty learning a subject, but that the difficulty can be overcome with effort and determination.7. Help your child understand that learning is a lifelong activity and help your child to find the joy in learning. Let the child see you reading whether it’s for pleasure or just for information. Be a role model when it comes to reading. And, let the child know that you view learning as a fun-filled lifetime experience which will always be a part of your lifestyle.

Gambling on the Internet is Fun

The urge to gamble is strong on most people who love to take risks. If you have the urge to gamble then you can almost gamble on anything. To gamble means you place a bet and that involves the use of money. When you gamble if you loose then you stand to loose your money but if you do win then you can be assured of raking in huge amounts depending on the wagers made during the game.Land based casinos are some of the most frequented places that people go to gamble. There are so many different types of games at these land-based casinos, where bets are placed to gamble. However traveling long distances to get to casinos has been a major deterrent factor for many gambling enthusiasts. However, with the advent of technology, the internet has now thrown up endless possibilities to those who gamble to satisfy their urges.Anyone who wishes to gamble can now do so with ease. All they need is a personal computer and a good internet connection. Source the web for casino sites where a player can either play free or sign up and register at any paying site. If you are uncomfortable to gamble with real money then these free casino online games are just the thing you require. Enjoy endless hours playing all these games using virtual money and satisfy your urge to gamble.It is advisable for you to play at these free gambling sites before you venture out to gamble using real money online. Of course, if you are an expert at gambling then these online casinos are sure to provide you with all the thrills and entertainment that you are looking for to brighten up your life. However, when you begin to gamble even for fun, it could turn you into an addict if you are not wary.